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Micro Fibre Cloths

Microfibre Cloths

Pressure Sprayers

Pressure Sprayers

Martin Cox Chamois Finishers has been established for over 35 years.  We still finish genuine chamois leather and manufacture stockinette polishing cloths, but nowadays import a wide range of specialist car valeting products such as microfibre cloths, synthetic chamois, specialist wheel brushes, commercial sprayers and telescopic wash brushes, just to mention a few – if you have a look round the site you will see the full extent of our ever increasing range.

We cater for car accessory retail, general retail and wholesale distributors who sell to detailers or commercial end users.  We always aim to maintain a high standard of quality throughout our entire product range as so many of our products end up in the hands of professional users.

It should be noted that this is an information website for trade distributors, wholesalers and retailers.  We regret we are not able to deal directly with end users, but depending on your requirements we will be happy to refer you to a wholesaler or retailer in your area.

Genuine Chamois

Genuine Chamois

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